10 Things Ancients Texts Say about Food for Healthy Living

10 Things Ancients Texts Say about Food for Healthy Living

Many of us when it comes to healthy living go after the recent research which is perverted in the media advertisements of corporations who wants to capture the market. Nonetheless we know that most of the products do not consist of any organic ingredients in them. There are substitutes or genetically modified substances which are really cheap and profitable when are mass produced. If you think the corporations car about your health, boy are you wrong.

Our ancestors did not have these shelf packed foods and they were living healthy more than 100 years of age. Look at our generations now and you will see the difference and then again many of us do not have any other choice but we believe a big change starts from a small step forward.

Here we list 10 facts from the Bible and the Hindu Vedas about healthy eating


Avoid Certain Foods for Longevity

The Bible says that man was originally created as vegetarians and was not supposed to eat meat. Then things changed and there came another instruction to avoid certain foods like Fish without scales, shrimps, pork and the animals which does not chew cud. They are God’s cleaning agents on earth. They keep the poison inside the body and excrete nitrogen which is good for the environment. When their flesh is filled with poison, they die off and this is the reason why they are abundant. Lobsters, shrimps, oysters, snakes, octopus and mussels are same as the cockroach species on land. Sharks and other scale less creatures do the same jobs as pigs, hyenas and vultures do on earth.


When You Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Eat the Seeds Too

And God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit. You shall have them for food- Genesis 1:29

Alternative science is catching up this verse and boy they discovered that there is a substance called vitamin B17 in the seeds that destroys and prevents cancer cells. This fact, FDA and your pharmacist will not tell you because if we are aware of this there will not be a multibillion dollar Hospital Industry which purely survives on cancer treatment. If there is not cancer how will they survive? The treatment of cancer is really expensive too.

The vitamin B17 is a kind of good Cyanide that searches for malicious cancer cells and destroys that particular cell. Recently the pharmaceutical companies had spread the fear that the B17 is a poison and not to consume it. Yes it is a poison, only to the cancer cells.

More than that a seed contain the ultimate life force covered with abundant acids and vitamins that will give you good health and longevity.


Avoid Pork

We do not hold or induce any kind of religious agendas here. The pig has only one intestine and it rapidly eats even excrement. The harmful substances are stored in the fat layer covering its flesh. And look at how many nations start their day with bacon and fat as breakfast. Even the meat is slow cooked there are chances for undead harmful bacteria and viruses in the flesh. It is beast to avoid Pork and this is even confirmed by science. Then again it is a multibillion dollar industry.


Eat Your Meals at Regular Intervals, and Do Not Use Animal Fat or Blood

“Eat in due season.” Ecclesiastes 10:17. “It shall be a perpetual statute … that ye eat neither fat nor blood.” Leviticus 3:17.

The Fat and Blood are the two sources of harmful bacteria and viruses. Fat acts as the storage bank and blood acts as the transporting vehicle. This is the whole idea of Halal meat Muslims follow. When the animal is slaughtered the viruses and bacteria contained in fat and blood stays intact. Cook meat only after the blood is completely drawn out of the meat. You will stay healthy for a long time.


Try To Eat Freshly Cooked Food and Avoid Storing Fresh Foods

The ancient Vedic texts instruct not to eat foods that are kept idle for more than 5 hours. Recently science says the very same things. When food is kept refrigerated or kept idle for more than certain hours there are harmful developments going inside the foods with the aid of atmospheric conditions. And this may not be a very well thing or your body. But most of us do not have a choice especially in cities where we are forced or limited by circumstances. But then again where there is a will there has to be a way around. Try and analyze your options.


Avoid All Kind of Stimulants

Here is a surprise for some. Medical technology has confirmed the fact that tea, coffee, and smooth drinks that incorporate the addictive drug caffeine and different harmful elements are all definitely detrimental to the human body. None of those include food value besides through the sugar or cream added to the maximum, and most folks already use an excessive amount of sugar. Stimulants give a dangerous, artificial boost to the body and are like trying to bring a ton in a wheelbarrow. The reputation of those drinks is due no longer to taste or advertising and marketing, however to the dose of caffeine they comprise. Many Americans are falling sick and succumb to obesity due to their addiction to coffee, tea, and caffeinated smooth liquids. If you think that your energy drink will give your energy in a natural way you are wrong. They take a vital chunk out of your body and mind.

Before you consume it please take some time to check and research the contents of the stimulants. Substitute tea and coffee with Green or herbal tea and your energy drinks with fresh water.


What Tastes Good Might Not Be Healthy

Taste is an addiction. Millions of people around the world are duped to think that sugary substances taste good and the multi billion dollar corporations producing all those candies and cakes for children. Believe us, there is nothing good about it. It is made of cheap chemical supplements and hormones. Think about it, anything fresh will not last few hours then how come your favorite food stays on the shelf undamaged for weeks and months together. There are chemical substances added. Human bodies are not designed to be injected or it can process foreign objects. Eventually the body’s resistant power diminishes and there you begin preparations to go see your maker.

Healthy, complete meals are delicious to wholesome, unadulterated taste buds.  The component is, wholesome taste buds are very rare in our society.  Here’s why.

Junk food and processed food is actually engineered to be addictive.  It isn’t always a conspiracy idea; it’s a business approach, easy as that.  They must compete with the opposite food giants to sell as a lot as viable.  And whole foods are just genuinely not nearly as profitable as processed foods.

Check this article that came in NY times


Do Not Overeat

Over eating is a kind of mental state. Actually your body does not need so much of food. There are calculations of each element an average human being need. Then why do we feel that we need more food. It is just a mental state. When the stomach is full the mind gets satisfied. This is the signal we look forward. We suggest you to fill your remaining space in your stomach with undressed fresh leafy vegetables and salads.

Your body does not have the technology to store each element as it is. All those excess elements like fat, carbohydrates, proteins and amino acids are converted into fat and are stored in fat banks like your thighs, abdomen, chins and buttocks.


Regular Exercise and a Good Amount of Rest

Yes, the pivotal factor for healthy living. Our ancestors were hard workers and they ate fruits of their physical labor. In this computer era physical work is nearly impossible and many are too tired to even think about a place called the gym added thanks to the junk food and stimulants that actually drain your energy and make you a couch potato. Stress plays a huge factor. Try thinking positively and do random act of kindness to all beings including humans, plants and animals. At the end of the day you will feel good.

You have to motivate yourself and there is no other go. Start with small brisk walks and increase your exercise regimen. Give work to your sweat glands. Let it pour. A balanced diet, adequate exercise and right amount of sleep will give you a lasting mental and physical health.


Cook Food; Serve with Love and Make Your Meal Time A Happy Time

Ultimately Love is what we need. Food ought to be cooked with love. That is why it’s so crucial to prepare dinner in a great mood. The state of thoughts of the individual cooking is constantly transferred to the meals. When someone cooks food in a state of sadness and irritation, the food may not be doing its purpose of providing you health. Be in a state of constructiveness and happiness when you cook and serve food. A happy family can contribute more to the society in general.

Make your meal time a happy time. Avoid stimulating or provocative conversations. Let it be about smaller things in life and the beauty of this world. Make it light and pleasant. You will never forget the time and will crave for more.

They ancient texts says: Cook food, Serve Love


You may not have to take what we say for granted. We request you to do your own research on the above topics and you might find what you are looking for. As the texts recites “We are what we, eat”.

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