5 Greatest Lies We Were Taught In School to Indoctrinate Us

5 Greatest Lies We Were Taught In School to Indoctrinate Us


Evolution of Man

In this scenario Christians have it right—however no longer the manner they suppose. Early instructions on evolution commonly depart one basic impact: human beings developed from apes. Go to a zoo, and you can watch your genetic ancestors frolicking and flinging poop at each different. But that’s no longer the manner it happened. After all, evolution works with the aid of eliminating the inferior species as the more potent, better-tailored ones thrive.

If that had befallen then there wouldn’t be any apes left, due to the fact we would have outcompeted them. The much more likely theory is that humans and the excellent apes—chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans—started out with a commonplace ancestor, after which developed in separate guidelines over time. Specifically: four, eight, and twelve million years in the past, respectively.

And it’s nonetheless occurring—within the animal kingdom, as a minimum. Researchers consider that much less than one million years in the past the Japanese and western gorillas parted evolutionary ways, and at the moment are developing in different instructions.

By the way evolution recites that an organism came from another organism gradually. But it took a long time. Here time is the magic ingredient. But there is a problem here. Male and female has to be evolved at the same time and place and they have to be interested to each other to mate to reproduce.

During their internal organs were developing there will be a time that it cannot move or to decide what species is that. Who gave food to them? Evolution says the Cow jumped into the sea and became a whale and the whale jumped back to the land and became a cow again (millions of years included here). You can do your research, that’s what they say and if you laughing now go ahead. I am laughing while I write this.

 We all know that you cannot kiss a frog and make it a prince like in the fairy tale. But scientists say give “time” it can happen. Come on do you really think that your great great great great grandfather was a bacteria turned into a sea sponge and crawled out of the primordial soup and evolved into a monkey and voila, here you are….all I can hear is BLAH BAH and BLAAAAAHHHH.


Earth Is Round

Well, there are theories of this circulating the educated world for decades. All these years of lies from NASA about the moon landing and pictures of round earth had been debunked recently. But still kids are taught that as the truth. But it is real propaganda to brainwash the next generation. You need to do your own research. I am not inserting any hyperlinks here. You can Google it. It is everywhere in the web. Just because a group of people praise each other as the greatest minds and declare something and the government backs it for God-knows various propaganda, that does not make the real science.

Just Imagine a big globe with 70% of water is revolving and rotating at the same time. Lives will not exist because of the speed of it. There will be violent storms and temperature swings that will kill and extinct life on this planet. There are numerous reasons to believe that the earth is not exactly a round ball shaped object.

If the earth is a perfect round globe and is rotating to one direction think about  two airplanes starting from the same region going opposite directions. One should reach much faster than the other and the other one should be flying at Mack 2 or 3. But we know that passenger aircrafts has the maximum speed of 1000 KM/hour. Some might oppose this by saying the earth atmosphere is a closed system and it takes the atmosphere with it. This is pure baloney. Then how can you explain the winds going in different directions and rapid atmospheric changes and the movement of clouds in different directions?

Think about it.


Christopher Columbus Discovered America

This is one of the greatest lies ever told and is being still told. Before Columbus the Vikings and the Romans had landed in present day America and Some Christina missionaries who went to evangelize America. Check out

“Los Lunas Decalogue Stone”

Hmm…that’s a different story; by the way our dude was facing so much heat from Spain about his absurd theories and going to India and the shape of the earth. Things actually went out of his hand when there were financial troubles from the Royalty in finding the path to Asia. He had to find some land as soon as possible before his butt got kicked by the queen. He did set sail and had no idea where he was heading or what will be the outcome. Days passed and he found a land now known as America…..He said “Folks, look there is land and that is India and those weird feathered hat wearing people looking at us are Indians”. Hence the term Apache Indians and I wonder if they were Indians what we call the real Indians.

By the way the discovery of America by Columbus was actually of sheer dumb luck.


Sir Isaac Newton and the Apple

Okay, the dude was relaxing in the garden smoking his favorite pipe. He saw the apple fall from the tree but there is no evidence that it landed on his head. I remember my school mate telling me “Had it been a Jackfruit instead of the Apple Newton will not have discovered the Law of gravity and there is one less lesson to study in Physics”.

It never landed on his head; Imagine Newton writing his theses with an ice bag hovered on the bump on his head.


Man Never Saw Dinosaurs Alive

The biggest lie ever told. I have been saving this for the last. This is a vast subject and to understand this you need to study a lot including carbon dating. There are numerous proofs that man co- existed with dinosaurs. The early men had carved live and accurate pictures of what they have seen.

It will be interesting to know that the word” Dinosaur” was Invented by Sir Richard Owens in late 40’s which means “ Terrible Lizard” and in previous dictionaries they were known as “Dragons”.

Even Alexander the great hoping to Invade India him and his soldiers were chased to constipation by dinosaurs.

Check this out


This is a never ending story. All through the generations we have been lied to. You need to do your own research and the truth shall set you free, so to say.

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