5 Ways to Make People like You Instantly

5 Ways to Make People like You Instantly

5 Ways to Make People like You Instantly

We all want to be liked and our voice heard in the crowd. No one wants to be one among many. Each and every one wants to be the Alpha Male or the top woman to be recognized and to be admired by others. However this does not come easy. It is purely a psychological factor. If you want to be admired and to be liked it can only happen by other people. It is how you make them like you. Here we discuss 5 important practices that will make any one like you instantly.



The greatest gift to be received by mankind is the ability to smile. A smile can be taken into many meanings. A smile can bring warmth and love. A smile can break the Ice. A smiling face is one of the happiest sights. You might have heard the phrases like, be happy, smile always.

However if you want to impress a person do not let him/her have the feeling that you are always happy and is smiling always. This will give an impression that he or she is one among many to you and there is nothing special about them nor you are not thrilled to see them. Do not smile the instant you are introduced to a person. Instead take few seconds and let a genuine smile blossom to the fullest and let it reflect in your eyes. This way the person who has been introduced to you feel special and thinks that your smile is just for him/her. This will make them proud and happy and makes them feel special.


Embarrass yourself

If you are in a one on one meeting or in the middle of a small group that you want to be liked by them give credit to their intellectuality. Say something stupid and let them correct you. Do no overdo it. Be genuine as possible. Give a genuine praise of their intellectuality.

If you want to capture the attention of one person in a crowd say something wrong or stupid as genuinely as possible and let him/her correct you. Blush, smile at yourself. And look really embarrassed. Give praise and sure your business is on a positive route. Another practice you can adapt is to genuinely listen and do not correct a person of your business interest no matter how stupid he or she may sound.

It takes practice to be genuinely stupid and to be in control


Ask a Favor

This will take a bit of practice. Without practice you may sound too oblivious. Always keep the feeling that others are smarter than you. It takes more than Hollywood style of acting to master this art. This requires channeling the conversation into your desired way by not making the person aware of it. If the person of your business interest is in a crowd it is much better to practice this art. It works like a charm.

Here is how

Lure your business Interest into a small crowd and let the conversation begin. Introduce him/ her as a king of his/her niche and while the conversation is going on ask him/her a favor in front of others. This will elevate and boost their ego to the summit. Let your words and actions make other people admire your business interest. The business is yours.


Give Importance to others

Do not underestimate any one. As an entrepreneur you will have no idea when someone will become handy at that point of time. Make everyone feel superior to you and make sure that you also belong to the class. Practice makes this art perfect. Do not sound vague and too oblivious. Let the genuine feel flow in your eyes. Do not act bored (this is tough). But again think about your business and it will come to you.


Change levels

As a business owner you need to master this art to the core. You need to know that people are of different traits. Some wealthy people will not have the class you are looking for and vice versa. The key here is to bring you to the level of your business interest other the person you want to befriend with. You cannot drag someone to your level or make someone climb to your level.

The key is to bring you to their level and talk, they will feel comfortable. Display all the other traits too.

The world is yours.

Although there are many other traits, I think the above will get you to the edge.

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