7 secret practices that will keep you disease free and keep doctors away

7 secret practices that will keep you disease free and keep doctors away

7 secret practices that will keep you disease free and keep doctors away

Unfortunately Hospital business is one of the largest and flourishing businesses today. If you think that they are here to help you, you are wrong. They want you to get sick and drain your pockets on medicines and stuff like that. Trust me you really do not want to get there. The god’s green earth has produced all the key ingredients to keep you healthy and disease free. But you will not hear that from your local doctor or any government agencies or bodies. After all they have to feed their mouths. For that you need to get sick.

Alright, if you are someone who is junkie or truly believes in prescription medicine, government agencies and shelved stimulants, this is not for you. But again I would urge you to seriously consider this article and you can prevent yourself from poisoning yourself and your family. The below practices are available to you in your back yard and kitchen and this will prevent from spending hundreds of dollars to the hospitals.

The below ingredients as itself has numerous good effects but if combined with other specific ingredients it will have a tremendous healing effect and rejuvenation properties.

There are many alternative ways (which were the straight ways before this became a multi trillion dollar business) Here are seven secret practices that can keep you disease free.

  1. Turmeric Milk
  2. Garlic Milk
  3. Honey and Lemon
  4. Butter Milk
  5. Nuts and Seeds
  6. Apple Cider vinegar
  7. Water


Turmeric Milk

Turmeric has several medicinal values but here I am going to tell you a secret recipe. This will clear all the toxins and cancerous cells and rejuvenate your liver while you are asleep. There is no healthier and happier state than a cancer free life.

  • Half to one teaspoon of organic ground turmeric powder
  • A glass of Luke warm sugarless milk

Mix the turmeric powder into the warm milk and drink it before you go to bed. Do not eat anything until morning. The milk and turmeric will give you a good night sleep plus it washes all toxins away and keeps your engine spit clean.


Garlic Milk

Garlic used to keep the vampires away according to folklore, however from your bodies perspective that’s exactly what garlic does. Many of us pervert the goodness of nature’s ingredients by overcooking or roasting it. No, do not do it. Here is a secret ingredient to keep your intestines worm free and keep the fat from being absorbed by the body.

  • Two or three garlic cloves
  • Warm Milk

When boiling the mil put two to three crushed garlic cloves into the pan. Let it simmer, Skip the orange juice and have this garlic milk preferably without sugar. Sugar may neutralize the effect.


Honey and lemon

This is nature’s best cleaning agent and fat sweeper. It breaks down the fat deposits and dissolves it away. It is much better than having loads of green tea.

Mix some organic honey into half glass of warm water and squeeze a full lemon into it. Shake well and have it in empty stomach every morning. Drink this every morning and in couple of weeks you will start to see the difference.


Butter Milk

An excellent way to keep your body hydrated and it has anti – inflammatory properties. This will keep you fresh all day long. Drink butter milk whenever possible and substitute it with your aerated drinks. You can live longer and save much money. And say the hell to the corporations and hospitals. Make your family drink this. They will thank you later.


Nuts and Seeds

Full of media suppressed cancer destroying vitamin B17. Do not believe the horse shit the media and the FDA says about b17. They are the bitches of multinational corporations. The links are tied to the bottom of hell.

Eat nuts moderately especially almonds and apricot. When possible have Flax seeds and sunflower seeds. Sprinkle it on your food. And keep it organic. Never roast the seeds. Live a cancer free life. Hey do your own research if you do not believe us.


Apple cider vinegar

Another excellent way to fix your hair and nail problems plus it is anti-inflammatory and acts as a cleaning agent.

Mix a table spoon of Apple cider into warm water and drink it whenever possible, preferably morning and night.



This is called the Japanese technique. If you look at people of Japan you will know this. Drink at least four big glasses of fresh water as soon as you wake up in the morning. Do not eat or drink anything else for next one hour. Do this regularly and you will see the difference.

You know that our body as well as this world is made up of 70% water. Rest is self explanatory.


There are many other tips which have given by nature for a healthy living. Do not get into the trap of corporations. Stop poisoning yourself and your loved ones. Your children will acquire the taste of food based on what food you expose them to from the beginning. Have them exposed to organic natural foods. That will be the greatest thing you can do for your family.

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