10 Penis facts every girl should know

10 Penis facts every girl should know

10 Penis facts every girl should know

Well penis is an important factor in everybody’s life especially if you are a girl. Some day you are going to use it. And you came from it as a matter of fact. Below are 10 facts every girl should know about penises.


Your guy’s thing is not a joystick

Yes, we recognize all the jokes and puns about “hard-ons”, but are made of muscle and human tissues. Just because it is hard as hammer that does not mean it is Thor’s hammer that you can pull and throw it around. – It clearly hurts if it’s handled with an excessive amount of force or yanked round or, bitten. Please don’t forget our emotions!


Then again it is not a cotton candy

Same time it is not that fragile too. Apply some pressure at the right points and he will worship you for the rest of his life.


The morning Wood

Most guys wake up with a hard on. This is not because they think about someone else other than you. It is just a natural thing that happens while sleeping. The whole bladder thing, So do not worry he has no one else in his mind.


The underside of the penis head is the most sensitive area

Well that’s where most of the nerves end and that would be the area you should be concentrating on if you want to make your man happy and wriggle. That are is super sensitive to touch and flicking. You do the rest of the thinking.


It is not just the penis all the time

Yes, the testicles matter too, it is as sensitive as the penis head and do not forget the area behind the sack too. You do the mathematics.


Different directions

Well some point straight up, some to the side, some curved. Well girls, it does not matter. It is just Physiology. We do not do it on purpose. Besides curved is good. It can touch some points inside. You know what I mean.


They look different

Well every penis looks different. So do not compare it with the once you have already seen. In print I mean, what did you think?


Size does not matter

For some, may be. You do not have to worry about the size of the penis. The guys actually worry about it all the time. You just concentrate on what he does with it.


While on a hard on do not expect your guy to be intelligent

Well, the blood flows to the penis while the guy is having an erection, from his brain too. So you know now the phrase thinking with his ****.


It does not perform on demand always

A lot of factors affect the erection. Some get excited pretty fast most of times, but again various psychological factors affect the performance. So there is a time for everything. You cannot ask your guy to get it up when he is worried about the bills.

So there you go, enjoy.


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