3 haunting facts about Japan’s suicide forest

3 eerie facts about Japan’s suicide forest

Have you ever heard of an area that is ideal to die? Aokigahara Forest in Japan is one of them. Sound strange however it’s far true that Aokigahara is a famous location for suicides. Statistics display that every 12 months round 100 humans commit suicide there. In 2010 approximately 247 tried suicides, 54 out of them succeeded. Aokigahara is the second maximum famous location in the world for suicide.


Signboards by the Government

Aokigahara is positioned on the North West base of the enduring Mount Fuji in Japan. It is likewise known as the ‘Sea Of Trees’ due to the dense flora there. This beautiful landscape has signal forums at the timber everywhere that say

“Your life is a valuable gift from your mother and father”

“Think about your children, your family”

“Please seek advice from the police before you decide to die!”

The signboards have not been a hit to stop decided people. The maximum approach of suicide is of drug overdose. The woodland could be very dense and thick inner and so sounds from inner cannot be heard. It is stated that there are massive underground deposits of iron inside the wooded area that interferes with the direction compass and the vacationers wander off.


The haunting history

Locals say that the location has been associated with dying since the nineteenth century. Ubasute changed into a custom in Japan in the past. According to the custom, an aged relative changed into contains to a remote place like a mountain or woodland and was left there to die. People accept as true with that the wooded area is haunted through the Yurei, the irritated spirits of folks that have been left there to die. Spiritualists say that the bushes there are also full of evil electricity that has been amassed from all of the suicides of the past.


The supernatural influence

Some say the depressed people are mysteriously drawn to the forest by passing by its side by an evil supernatural force. The feeling gets into the psyche so quickly that they forget everything else and all they want to do is dying. Some rescue workers say that there is something so evil and negative there that too felt that the best thing is to die.


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