10 Most Awesome Facts about the Holy Bible

10 Most Awesome Facts about the Holy Bible

The Holy Bible is the one book that had withstood centuries of carnage. It stood against time as it is God’s word. Numerous attempts were made to prosecute Christians and destroy the Bible. But every time the Bible stood against them so strong that even with each persecution the Bible emerged back and reached more people with tremendous force. Even the house of world famous atheist Voltaire who has wowed to destroy the Bible was turned into a Bible printing press after his death.


The Bible Is Historically Accurate

There had been numerous secular historians who wrote about the events of the New Testament at the identical time the Bible was being written. Josephus is the most famous of them. He became a Jewish historian. Tacitus turned into a Roman historian who would have no advantage from now not telling the truth. Both these men, in addition to others, can be used to lower back up the ancient accuracy of the Bible.

There are ancient discoveries often coming to light that hold to aid the accuracy of the Bible. Recent discoveries of archaeology confirm the authenticity of the Bible. It is so accurate to the old texts of the Bible.


The Bible Never Contradicts Itself

Although divided into two books written with each book written with a gap of centuries, the Bible never contradicts. Each corresponding text in the Old Testament is duly acknowledged and can be found in the New Testament.

Various people claim to find contradictions but they have to take verses out of context to do so. When looking at the Bible as a whole and understanding its teachings there are no contradictions. This is amazing when one considers that the Bible was written over such a long period of time.


Modern day scientific facts can be found in the Bible

10 Most Awesome Facts about the Holy Bible

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Centuries before modern science accurately verified some scientific facts the Bible authoritatively had these facts line by line, especially in the book of Job. Some facts in the Bible that science found out just within the last 100 years are:

  • Dinosaurs
  • Ocean Currents
  • Microwave
  • Telecommunication
  • Astronomy

Click here to know 100 scientific facts found in the Bible


The Bible clearly depicts modern day dietary and sanitary laws

The Bible contains God’s sanitary laws which were given to man. Modern day medicine has proved scientifically and accurately the dietary and sanitary laws. Had it been they actually used the Bible as reference could’ve prevented so many diseases and premature deaths along the centuries. Even George Washington would’ve lived a bit longer had he read the Bible by his side which said “The life force is in the Blood”, before letting his doctors bleed him to death.

Read Deuteronomy and Leviticus


The Bible really answers the question” Chicken or the egg”?

The Chicken or the Egg question has baffled the scientific world for centuries. The Chicken cannot form without the properties of the Egg and the Egg cannot form outside the chicken. Modern day science has confirmed it is the Chicken who came first. But Bible says it was always the chicken from the beginning.

Uni- One

Verse- Word

One Word – “God Said” and all came into being.

A blueprint of one single cell in your body is more complex than all the electronic machines put together. even Stephen Hawkins Now say there is a Grand Designer. this happens when the soul realizes that the time of death is near. Then mind alters to the possibility of Help from the God they have denied all their lives.

You go to read your Bible Mr. Science.


The Bible Clearly mentions the current state of Affairs

In Romans 1 (18-28) the Bible clearly states the current state of affairs of the world and what is going to happen. It is so accurate that no one can deny or refute it. Well it would be scientifically stupid not to believe a Book that has spread across nations and generations as God’s word and has fulfilled all the prophecies for till now.


The Bible has fulfilled all the prophecies about Christ till now

10 Most Awesome Facts about the Holy Bible

Almost 350 prophecies ( Some scholars say 700) of Jesus Christ as Son of God have been fulfilled till now. What has to be fulfilled is some of the modern day facts and affairs which I seem to believe are happening now. Please do your own research because 1000 pages are not enough here if we are to write about it.


The theory of evolution is basically stupid and useless in front of the Bible

Many believe the theory of Evolution just to eliminate the God equation from their lives to live a life as they please. The theory of evolution does not even have a basis in front of the Holy Book. Darwin at the time of the illness of his incest born daughter’s illness prayed to God for her cure. After her death Darwin was so rage consumed he wanted to take revenge on God. Thus, the theory of evolution was born.

The theory of evolution is just some baloney he thought and created when there were no means of scientific equipments to do his research.

But The Bible stayed as it is and Darwin is long GONE.


Dinosaurs are clearly mentioned in the Bible

Dinosaurs in the Bible

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The book of Job clearly mentions about Dinosaurs. Modern day translators could not find and alternative words for the Biblical words, Behemoth and Leviathan and its properties like tails like cedar trees etc. Modern Linguists use those words to depict something big and terrible.

65 million years= Stupidity

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The word Dinosaur which means terrible lizard was invented by Sir Richard Owens in the late 40’s. Before that day, they were known as dragons.

And the old dictionaries says ” Dragons” terrible creatures,but now RARE…check it.

Check this site for evidence

There are numerous hieroglyphics and cave arts that actually depicts the real dinosaurs centuries before the first skeleton of a Dinosaur was unearthed. By the way the Unicorns that was mentioned in the Bible was a Dinosaur just like the Rhinoceros we have now. There were many Dino species with one horn. It was the fairy tails that depicted the unicorns were horses. That is the fact.

Dinosaurs in the Bible

Picture Courtesy-Answers in Genesis

The Bible translators says it could be and elephant, hippo or a crocodile. This is baloney. See the tails of elephants, crocodiles and hippos closely, none of them looks like cedar trees. But a Brachiosaurus tail looks like a cedar tree, so as T-Rex’s.

From Plato, Josephus to Alexander had written about seeing and facing dinosaurs and there are pictures of real Dinosaurs’ and carcasses of decaying sea-creatures still baffling the evolutionists. I do not think God believes in Speilberg movies.

Watch this awesome scientific video that proves dinosaurs co-existed with man

Is it really “Jurassic park” or “Jehovah’s park”?


The Bible’s ability to Transform Lives

From the first word to the last, the Bible inspires thousands of lives every day. The Bible is the most widely circulated book in the history of the world. It is the most freely and gifted and the most sold out book in the history every day. The fun fact is that it is the most shop-lifted book too. No matter how many Bible one possess, most of the people will never say no to a new Bible.

It protects the feeble, inspires the weak and provides hope. We can see this happen in front of our eyes every day.

For example John Newton who wrote the Hymn “Amazing Grace” was a slave handler and after reading a page of The Holy Bible he was transformed instantly in the middle of the sea and ordered his ships to go back. He then wrote this world renowned Hymn.

Just like Newton Thousands had been transformed and is been transformed every day. No other book in the history of mankind had achieved this and is going on strong.

Now say, who is the real transformer?

God and Religion ( Church) are two different entities. You do not need priests or a church congregation to talk to God. Just close your eyes and talk, worship him in spirit

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