10 Must Read Books before You Die

10 Must Read Books before You Die


10 Must Read Books before You Die

There are millions of books in the world. But some books captivate our imagination and induce a strong sense of nostalgic vibes in our soul. No matter how old we get the imaginations we created in our minds while reading these books are the ones we take it to our graves. We are not talking about the high flying intellectual crap masquerading as the most wonderful books. We like to keep this simple.

Here are 10 great books one must read before dying.


The adventures of Tom Sawyer

This one is certainly a keeper. It takes you to the simpler times where life was simple and contained all the glories of childhood. Tom with his friend Huck captivates us with their village charms. You could really imagine a simple village with a small church and a barn. Lots of space to play around all you can think is how we were born in that era.


The Adventures of Huckleberry Fin

He is Tom Sawyer’s best friend. Written from the viewpoint of Huck the story really captures the essence of the less fortunate of that era. Your mind could wonder how happy the life of Huck even with the limited resources. Huck and tom again captures the true essence of the country side living. Imagine the cows and the great pastures and of course the fresh air.


Sherlock Holmes

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has nailed it forever. Even after a century Sherlock Holmes and His associate Dr. Watson never ceases to amaze us. Holmes with his extraordinary power of reasoning has become the text book of detectives around the world. This is the first time a creation has become more famous than the creator himself. 221b Baker Street has become a land mark in London and attracts tourist. You could really write a letter to Sherlock Holmes at 221 Baker St.


Robinson Crusoe

This timeless classic depicts the plight of a marooned dude after a shipwreck in a remote island. Although after few years Robinson loses his mind being alone, the reader is taken to a world of solidarity and peace. May be at some point of time we may actually replace our self with the hero and enjoy the solitaire life style from the maddening crowd.


Moby Dick

“Call me Ishmael.” With these 3 phrases, Herman Melville commenced Moby Dick – possibly the most vital American novel of the 19th Century. Melville’s masterpiece became primarily based in-element on the real tale of the Essex, which turned into adapted into the film The Whale. Yet this fantastic author was nearly forgotten by the time he died, and was even listed as Henry Melville in the New York Times obituary.

The downturn in his career was clearly due to Moby Dick. Melville had previously been a successful author of maritime adventure memories, but then he penned this ambitious tale of a maddened sea captain, obsessed with looking down a white whale, and it proved a little too much for readers at that time.

Even critics had been at a loss for words by Melville’s poetic, almost Biblical style of writing. It became best after his demise that the book have become conventional as the masterpiece, a compelling tale that that still tackles huge thoughts, and the nature of America itself.


Crime and Punishment

Few novels were as influential and adored as Crime and Punishment. It was written by Fyodor Dostoevsky, the legendary Russian novelist who becomes worshiped by everyone from Sigmund Freud to Einstein.

The novel itself tells the extreme tale of a young impoverished pupil who sees himself as “amazing” and exempt from the ordinary regulations of society. This offers him the right (he feels) to murder a pawnbroker and take her cash. But, after butchering the unlucky victim with an axe, he is plunged into guilt and self-loathing, at the same time as a sly detective closes in on him.

Despite the weighty themes of guilt and redemption, Crime and Punishment is a gripping curler coaster of a book. A mystery with brains and it stays with you.



The father of all Horror stories, this book may not be very well written. It created a whole new genre of blood sucking vampires and folklore. There are numerous spin offs of this masterpiece and till now Count Dracula is considered to be the father of all ghosts and Ghouls. Set in the Victorian era it is also a study of Victorian morals and sexuality.


Treasure Island

Those who look for some clean and Gothic adventure, this is a favorite bed time book. While reading this book one can create his/her own movie and characters without the knowledge in their minds. How we wish that we were on that ship too hunting the lost treasure.

This is surely a keeper


On the beach

This one is literally a think maker. Life exits only in Australia after a nuclear catastrophe. Without fuel and electricity life has gone back to the Stone Age level. The book captures the thoughts and mental state of few estranged submarine soldiers and the journey to their hometowns. All around them see life less ghost towns. There are moments that are so eye watering and make you think about what is coming ahead in our lives. Soon the radioactive clouds will reach Australia and life will cease to exist there too.

Will they survive?

Honorable mentions before we go to our Number 1

  • Pride and prejudice
  • Withering heights
  • Gone with the Wind
  • Fried green tomatoes
  • Vanity Fair
  • To kill a mocking bird
  • The Shining
  • The Godfather

And our Number one

The Bible

No other book in the history of mankind has captured the imaginations and transformed lives like the Holy Bible did. It is the most sold out and printed book in the history of earth and ever will be. The Bible transforms and changes lives every day. Its reach is far greater than all the books ever written combined.

It is God’s inspired words and for generations’ people and kingdoms tried to destroy it. But the more they try the Bible emerges back with so much force that all those tried are long gone and Bible stayed as strong as ever.

Unlike other books

  • It gives strength to the feeble
  • It gives Hope
  • It consoles
  • It captivates
  • It inspires
  • It emits Love
  • It gives peace

And above all it is the only book that promises a peaceful after life and reins the belief that we are created for a purpose by a loving spirit and we will live forever with him.

So there you are, it does not matter if you haven’t read the top 9 books. But be sure that you read the book which is number one in this list. It is worth a try if you have not read it yet.

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