5 benefits of Bird’s eye chilli

5 benefits of this dynamite called Bird’s eye chilli

There are many unknown foods in the third worlds as we westerners label them. We would like to introduce you to a dynamite called Bird’s eye Chilli. Birds love to eat the ripe ones as a whole, hence the name. This is super hot pepper and it takes more than courage to have one.  The western world with their mild pickles and mayonnaise, march towards their early graves, while the third world is surely benefiting from these natural wonder foods.

Below are the properties and benefit of these small dynamites.


Usage in Alternative Medicine

Bird Eye chilli or pepper (Capsicum frutescence) is one of the distinguished cultivar-agencies of Capsicum annuum. The others are candy pepper, chili and fragrant pepper. The smelly forms of which Bird Eye pepper belongs to are consumed in small quantities, considered a condiment or spice for seasoning and stimulating appetite as well as utilized in medicine particularly for natural practitioners who prepare ointments for rheumatism and joint pains.


It stimulates appetite

While consumed in moderation as a pickle it stimulates your appetite. Its enzymes work as a cleaning agent of your gut. It has got anti fungal and anti microbial properties.


It can kill worms and parasites

If you have this in your house and are consuming the word Food poisoning will be a far cry. The power of the chilli is so much that, when it is streaming in your gut, no worms or parasites will thrive or survive. It explodes in your stomach like an atomic bomb. But it takes courage and you have to prepare your taste buds and sensory organs to such a level to have this.


Blood properties

It prevents blood clotting, balances your blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart attacks and tuberculosis. It also prevents and knocks out all forms of flue and cold symptoms. It makes you sweat and clean your pores.


It prevents STDs (Sexually transmitted diseases) and other harmful viruses

It prevents STDs (Sexually transmitted diseases) and other harmful viruses to some extent, however it is not guaranteed. We advise you to take proper safety measures while doing your act. Ayurveda studies have shown results of this herb preventing some gruesome diseases like cancer and Herpes. But till now nothing has been authorized.

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