Top 10 Most Scariest Things People are afraid

Top 10 Most Scariest Things People are afraid of

One or the other we are all afraid and scared to death of something. No one in this world is above or beyond this feeling. Here we checks into the scariest things people dream of. This is based on the actual survey we did.



Thanks to some movies, we all dream about turning into a zombie or being attacked by zombies and many of us do not have guns to shoot them. Some people on medication dream that they have become zombies in the morning. This is actually a scary situation and most people really dream of zombies directly from Hollywood movies.


Ghosts & Demons

Well, admit it, when it comes to ghosts even the brave hearts will think twice to seek into that realm. We do not want you to believe the fake ghost hunting TV shows. There are many reasons and experiences to so many people that make us believe in the existence of a supernatural world and entities. However The Bible says that the dead will not come back to life until the second coming of Christ. What we see as the apparitions are the actual demons masquerading as your known people.



Well 90% of the world population believes that hell is a real place of torment. All the cultures and religions of this world have depicted their own versions of hell. But the astonishing fact is that the similarities of the depictions of hell. It centers on the most supreme demonic King called Satan, Shaithan, Narakasura…etc.

Well we would like to think that justice should be served, would you like to think that a rapist or a pedophile that died peacefully in his/her sleep should have paid their dues to the cruelties they inflicted?


There has to be a hell


Plane Crashes

Well this one freaks most of the flyers, be it a novice flyer or the frequent ones. This takes a beat from the heart when the aircraft goes into the air pockets. And the rush of adrenaline when it reeves to take off kicks in a great deal of comfort. But most flyers like to think that nothing will happen while they are travelling.

Statistically air travel is one of the safest modes of transport. What is the crash ratio? One in, 2 million?



This is also a frequent phobia. One in 100 people are extremely scared of water around them. Well drowning may look more painless than a plane crash the thought of it gives the creeps. Most people while dreaming they dream of falling into a great pit filled with water.


Lost in space

Most people are fascinated by the awe and grandeur of deep space. Most times we look at the night sky and wonder what is out there and whether we are alone in this universe. Well till now science has never proved the existence of extraterrestrial life and all the facts indicates that the earth is the center of the universe.

Although many people want to get away from the maddening city life and find some space and be alone, no one cherishes the idea of being alone in the deep space. The thought of being alone in the vast universe can surely give you shrills.



The mother of all fears, the fear itself is a fearful fact. Some people experience fear but do not know what they are fearful of. It could be anything.


Being stranded in the Ocean alone

Just like space for an individual ocean is a vast space. Many years ago someone said to his friend that the Pacific Ocean is big. His friend replied that he was only seeing the top of the ocean. The ocean has claimed many lives through the history of mankind and it is one of the most frightening places. History says people has turned into cannibals just to survive the ocean

Just the thought of being alone without food and water can give a chill in the spine.


Being buried alive

Well you cannot escape this one unless you are Uma Thurman. If you are buried alive in a coffin you may be able to live a little longer with the stranded oxygen inside the coffin. Pretty soon you will die of suffocation from your own carbon dioxide.

This thought of being buried alive will give you sleepless nights.


Justin Beiber’s singing

Well there should be a standard level of talent where we can access a person’s talent. These days the money and corporations control and decides who acts and who sings. You pretty much do not need talent anymore to be a superstar.

According to recent surveys the educated and culturally positive propel gets nervous and irritated at the shrill cracked voice of Bieber and really get the feeling of hearing a werewolf howl. I think this dude should be doing something productive like changing tires or picking cherries rather than disturbing and harassing people with his songs and singing.

Forgive me dear blondes

Have fearless night , homies


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