Top 10 things to tell her to love you more

Top 10 things to tell or message her to love you even more

Guys listen, this is for you.

Come on, we all want her to love us more and more, every day. We all know after some time the spark in the marriage will wither off while responsibilities kick in. But you need to understand that life is short and the only one who is going to be with you is your babe. Here are few things to tell her to keep the love going. We advise you to really mean it when you say it to her.


Last night I looked up to the night sky and coupled each star with a purpose why I love you. I was doing awesome until I ran out of stars.

Mean it dude. But the key here is not to make her ask you name few reasons. Change the scene to bit action immediately.


I asked an Angel to look after you, but it came back to me and said Angels won’t look after other Angels.


Give her 20 roses on your anniversary and keep the 20th rose a realistic looking fake one, look into her eyes and say “I will love you till the last Rose dies”.

You will be worshiped man.


 Tell her someone told you that every picture says 1000 words, but when I look at you there is only 3, I love you.


Look deeply into her eyes and say, “Life without you is like a broken pencil, pointless”.


God what showing off his senses of beauty when he created you!


How did a guy like me ended up with a princess like you?


Look into my eyes and you will see what I am, peep into my heart and all you will find is you.


Before I met you, I never knew what it was like to be loved.


“I Love You”

Nothing to mach this if spoken with all your heart.

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