How to beat cancer under $100 a month

How to beat cancer and prevent it under $100 a month and why you should not believe your doctor and pharmaceuticals

Cancer was and never is a disease. It is a condition where your body succumbs to the poisons and toxins accumulated by your system. It is sign that your body gave up trying to maintain your system. My dear men and women you have been fooled and brainwashed by the big corporations and its bitch, the governments. If you are not sick, and do not seek help from the pharmaceuticals and hospitals, the entire economy will stumble down.

But the grand designer has given all we want in nature for our well being. It has all the stuff you need to heal yourself. Have you seen dogs eating certain roots and grass when sick at stomach? They do know where to go and what they need to heal themselves. We just grab our insurance and run to the nearby hospital where for no unnecessary reason are prescribed numerous scans and treated with God forbidden chemicals that will eventually take you to an early grave.

Be it cosmetics, medicines food and beverages, there is nothing natural there. Money is the root of all evil and that is what they are after.

The whole corporations are controlled by a group of wealthy families and they just need more money every day. You and I are expendables. They treat us like lab rats. Where do you think the money comes from which sustains the politicians and government officials. Do you know your doctors’ percentage of shares from what he lovingly prescribes you?

I am not getting more into how the system works. You need to do your own research

One of the main reasons the corporations are getting fatter is by cancer treatments. The vastness and corruption that goes on in this industry is unfathomable. Just imagine the amount of dollars you have to spend and the long and tiring chemo you have to undergo. You may get cured but in few years the cancer re-surfaces and you undergo the same treatment mockery again and again till your body say’s that’s it, I cannot take no more chemicals, I am shutting down.

I am going to tell you few ways how you can prevent and cure cancer in just under $100 a month.

Genesis 1:29 and God said, “Behold I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat”.

Hosea 4:6

“My people perish for lack of knowledge”

Fact No 1

Do not Fear Cancer- It is not a disease. It is a condition that can be changed. It is the result of the lack of vitamin B17 (Do not believe what the FDA says)

Cancer is not a disease, it is a condition where your body cannot fight anymore the chemicals and genetically modified foods you intake. All the unclean meats from the so called the American breakfast is injecting cancer causing elements into our system on a daily basis. We do not have the time to think or act on this. We just run to make a decent living, the American dream.

All the food we shop for are genetically modified and packed with preservatives and chemicals. All the meat and dairy products are injected with hormones especially the feminine hormone estrogen to make the meat smooth and plump. This is the main cause of obesity and man –boobs and the hike of homosexuality for Men are not men anymore. They have more estrogen than testosterone in their system.

Look at the gay/lesbian pride parade and judge for yourself. Ironic fact is that the people who produce and sell these products will never eat or make their children eat their own products.

Look for farm and range fed chicken and beef and substitute the super market honey with country honey. Let this be your first step.

You need to understand they are wolves in sheep clothing. They just want to devour you and grow. Hey do not care no matter how kindly their words are. And if you believe FDA you are the biggest fool in this world and being that stupid deserves eternal hell fire.

What to do: Do not fear, sit calm and meditate about your lifestyle. Think of what went wrong and decide to change. And I will tell you what to do next. Stay with me here, okay?


It is the lack of vitamin B17 that causes cancer

The pharmaceutical’s bitch FDA says there is no vitamin called B17 and that is a myth. It is not true. Every scientific fact has an alternative theory and practicality. FDA will say anything for money and that is not a government controlled organization. It is purely a private funded entity just like our FED Reserve which prints money and take interest from the government.

There was a disease called scurvy in the past and many people succumbed to expensive treatments and death. But later someone found that eating citric fruits like lime and orange will cure and prevent it. That’s all it takes. How expensive is that?

They are controlled by the powerful families whom these corporations belong to.

So there is a vitamin called B17 and that is a fat. If you choose to be ignorant please feel free to do so. Go back to your propaganda filled websites.


How to cure and prevent cancer

It is very easy to cure and prevent cancer. Include lots of natural vitamin B17 in your diet. I know by now you want to know where to find B17. In the Bible god said eat seeds. Seeds of fruits and vegetables contain cancer curing substances like lateral and amygdaline. A couple of apple seeds along with the fruit is an ideal way. The seeds contain a substance which FDA conveniently calls cyanide will search for anomalies and bad blood cells and destroys just that.

FDA warns the cyanide in apple seeds will kill you. Tell me how many animals you have seen dying from eating fruit a whole. FDA knows that if there is no cancer, there is no money for them. The biggest business in the world, the pharmaceutical industry thrives on cancer treatments. Imagine it tumbling down.

When you eat fruits and vegetables try to ingest some of its seeds too. Do not swallow the seeds. Chew it and swallow. The life force of a big tree is contained in that small seed.

Do you know that they are working hard to produce seedless fruits and vegetables? It is as good as nothing. Do not fall for it. Anything that a Bio-Tech company has produced in their laboratories is usually a sterile seed bearer; corn being the most common.

Here are some foods you can include in your diet to prevent and cure cancer. You need to chew and consume the seeds. Otherwise it is of no use. Eat raw, not pervert these fruits. Boil or steam the beans.

  • Corn – an excellent source of lateral and amygdaline. Now get organic corn. The supermarket ones are GMO.
  • Apple
  • Plum
  • Peach
  • Apricot
  • Mulberry
  • Blackberry
  • Strawberry
  • Indian Almonds
  • Generals beans items
  • Natural Honey

And the super stars of B17- Sesame seeds and Flax seeds. Sprinkle organic Sesame seeds and Flax seeds on your normal food. Chew and eat it. These are excellent sources of Omega-3 fatty acids too.

Please make sure that you get farm bred ones. Not from the corporations. You will kill yourself if you buy the labeled ones. Avoid washing your hands with soaps and detergents. Use Lime juice and water.


Pray, meditate and eat a balanced organic diet

Keep a cool mind. Do not listen to others and government bodies. Just seek Divine help. It is free of cost. The great Doctor in the heavens will heal you. I am not talking about going to a church and seeking help from a priest. Do not do that. God is everywhere but not in the church. Seek help in spirit.

Just follow the above and you will see the difference

Healing foods

      1 . Sulfides – onions and garlic

  1. Indoles and sulforaphanes – cruciferous vegetables
  2. Carotenes – antioxidants to protect cells – carrots, sea vegetables, brightly colored vegetables
  3. Indoles and lignens – whole grains
  4. Polyphenols – green teas
  5. Limonene – citrus fruits
  6. Quercetin – grapes esp. the skins
  7. Phenoles – raw fruits and vegetables
  8. Phytonutrients brown rice and other whole grains

I O.Phytoestrogens (isoflavones)- soy beans and soy products; flax seeds

These anti-oxidants work together to protect the body’s cells

from the destructive action of free radicals. That’s why it is

important to eat a variety of vegetables and fruits every day.

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