10 amazing facts about India

India has a vivid and colorful history. Not to mention some painful aspects too. But it is the home of world’s largest diversified communities. Now on the verge of becoming one of the superpowers of the world India is on a positive run under the new management style of the current Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Although many countries have certain ethnic population India is the only country where people of all religions, cast and ethnic groups call home.

Here are some awesome facts about India


India has never invaded another country in her history

A peace loving nation, India has never invaded another country ever and it wows that it will never. In all its history India has been invaded and robbed by many and some of them stayed back and called it home. India is one of those nations who are among the nuclear powers of the world and has issued a No first strike policy.


Variety of languages

There are over 1400 languages in India and many of them do not have a written dialect. Some states have more than one language and the way of speaking and writing differs according to the territory.


World’s trade center

In ancient times India was so famous among other regions and many set sail from their countries to India to do business. Christopher Columbus set sail to find India and got lost and reached America and called the native people Indians. India had business relations in the ancient times with Europe, China and the Middle East.


King Solomon bought trees from India to build his palace

Ancient historical facts say King Solomon of the Bible had trade relations with India and bought mahoganies and teak from India to build his palace.


World’s oldest and deadliest martial art form was originated in India

Kalaripayattu is the oldest known martial arts in the world. It has originated in the southern state of Kerala, India and is deeply intervened with the oldest medicinal practices of Ayurveda. The Ayurvedic treatment of certain nerve and muscle points has evolved into a deadly martial art and defense mechanism. The great Sadhus or masters used to treat so many illnesses by identifying the correct key points of the body and manipulating them using the right amount of pressure.

Kung fu and Karate evolved from Kalaripayyattu

Centuries ago a master called ‘Bodhidharma’ from the southern area of India as traveled to parts of China spreading the divine knowledge of Ayurveda and kalariayattu. The Chinese were so interested that they followed this practices and eventually adapting their techniques to create Kung fu and Karate.

The use of deadly weapons

Kalaripayattu is not a sport, it uses many deadly weapons. If not practiced and used precisely a training session can turn into a scene of homicide. The roots go back to 3000 years.


Indians have a passionate feeling for wild animals

Throughout India people have this passionate feeling for wild animals. Certain animals like tigers, Lions and Elephants are considered to have mythical powers. In the Indian state of Kerala Elephants are considered as part of human community and are much loved by everyone. Some houses have elephants as pets. This is the only region in the world has got a resort and spa exclusively for elephants.

Facts about India

Picture source – Indian Express

Trissur Pooram a festival has numerous elephants as a standoff


Medical Industry

Surgeries cost nearly 1/10th in India. Same the Indian medical expertise is far superior to anywhere else in the world. People from all over the world come to India for complex surgeries and treatments. India offers numerous peaceful getaways to calm and rejuvenate your mind and body.


World’s largest movie market

India produces more movies than any other county in the world. Last year itself India sold 3.2 Billion movie tickets. It is one of the biggest markets for Hollywood movies too.


The game of Chess was originated in India

It is a fact that the game of chess was originated in India. The game was a favorite of Kings and empowers. And many actual wars were compromised on this game. Lots of bloodshed has been avoided because the losing King on this game surrenders to the winner. Therefore no actual battles were fought.


Indians consider their guests as Gods

This is one true factor that attracts visitors to this country. You can directly walk into any household and you will get the Lion’s share of hospitality.  Indian ethics requires that guests ha to be treated like Gods. What if God visits you and how will you treat him. Literally every one can understand English and you will not have the problem of language barrier in India.

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