9 Things Every Man Should Know About Her Privates

You may want to know the ways to attract attention to his mate. But if you want to take your love to another level then you should know about her body. In any case, you have to meet her physical and mental needs. Would you like to remember that she always remembered about the sweet memories you shared? If both of you are happy, do not feel guilty that you are not satisfied with each other. For this, the man should be aware of the health of women and most importantly he should know about her most sensitive part, her love spot.


It does not bloom all the time

The private part of the woman is not always visible. It’s like the rubber band. The private part of the woman will come out like a blooming Rose flower when excited or for some unknown reason.. But it will return to the old form.


Takes time

It will time for her to get stimulated, you know, not every woman are easily stimulated like men with just a kiss on his cheeks. You need to try like a Spartan at war to make her excited. Be slow. Use all your fingers. Get kinky with ice cubes. Use your tongue. It is never ending list man. Use your imagination.


Don’t try anything funny when her thing is dry

If the privates are dry, don’t try for penetration. This will make her run away from you. Instead use foreplay to stimulate the juices down there to flow.


The looks are different with every girl

Okay, a woman’s privates will look different from another woman. It depends on her structure and figure. Some may be little inwards and some more outwards and blossomed. It does not matter. It is the usage that matters. So if you expect to see what you have seen in porn, well things can be a little different.


Don’t finish in 5 minutes

Well a man can climax in a minute. A girl will take time. So use your imaginations and take lots of time to stimulate her. Once stimulated she will be like a steaming locomotive that will run you over. Most of the women like her man going down on her. Ask her to clean the pot before coming to bed.


Be careful with her breasts during her periods

Well men may like to squeeze it hard, but be very careful while she is having her periods. Even if you refrain from penetration during this time, be gentle with her breasts because during those days the breasts may be swollen.


The mythical G-spot

Some say it is there, some do not. But we would like to think that it does. There is a button shaped object just above the leaves. It is the nerve endings. Lick or squeeze it and see what happens. You can bite in gently too.


The smell

It could be pleasant, it could be bad. Bad means there is infection. Please do not hesitate to tell her about it so that she can take appropriate measures.



If her privates are wet when you are trying to do the stuff means that she is healthy and stimulated for your dong.

So there you are, the key here is foreplay man, lots of it. Ask her what she likes thee most and respect her opinions. Do not be selfish. Give the same way as you like to receive.

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