The Miracle Breakfast for being Young

the best breakfast

This is one food you need to have every morning. It gives you energy for whole day and it cures several ailments of the body. In many regions of the tropics this is considered to be the healthiest breakfast ever.

How to make it

Rice which is cooked in the afternoon is kept soaked in water and kept overnight at room temperature in an earthen clay pot. The rice would ferment by the next morning. Traditionally this is eaten as breakfast with green chilli or bird’s eye chilli and raw small onions along with salt and curd. You can have the fish curry also with this. Have this every day and see the wonders it does. It aids to weight gain rapidly. I f you want healthy lean muscle weight gain you need to do some light weight training too.

Health benefits

  • This rice has rare B6 and 12 vitamins, which are not that easily available in other foods
  • Consuming this rice regularly will slow down the ageing process rapidly
  • It relieves you from bone related ailments and muscular pains
  • The lactic acid in this rice will break down the anti- nutritional facts in the rice which results in and improved and boosted availability of iron, potassium and calcium by several thousands of points. This rice is good for osteoporosis patients.
  • It gives energy and aids as a cooling agent for hard manual workers. Brown rice is best because the intactness of its nutrients.
  • It accumulates trillions of beneficial bacteria that aid the digestion process. These bacteria will keep growing inside your body and keeps your internal organs fit and ready to go.

American nutrition has advised about the health benefits of this soaked brown rice

  • Having this rice in the morning will result in active body, mind and lightness along with high energy
  • Beneficial bacteria gets produced by trillions
  • Excessive heat in the body is neutralized
  • Stomach illnesses are gone from the first week itself
  • Blood pressure will normalize
  • Hypertension subsides
  • Reduces allergy induced problems
  • Reduces skin diseases
  • Acts as anti-inflammatory agent
  • It clears of all kinds of ulcers
  • New infections are kept at bay
  • It gives you a radiant and youthful look
  • Craving for coffee/tea/sodas are reduced
  • Prevents certain cancers
  • Prevents eye diseases
  • Prevents nail chipping
  • Results in healthy hair
  • Hair loss is controlled
  • Reduces psoriasis
  • Reduces Acne
  • Moisturizes complete body

Consuming this every day will is most beneficial for you. Especially, if do lot of manual labor. It cools you and keeps you fit. So try it and live young for long.

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