7 Skills You Can Learn By Yourself

7 Skills You Can Learn By Yourself

There are various skills sets you can acquire by yourself. However we do not recognize that. Instead of developing this by ourselves, we spend time and money to go to some gurus and listen to them. Talk about unnecessary spending.

Why don’t you use that money for some good stuff like your favorite gadgets?

Here are 7 skill set you can learn by yourself


Public speaking

Well, this skill can obviously help you mainly at work. Many people do not have this skill or are too timid to speak in public and make the public listen to you. No matter how many books you read, one has to have interest in developing this skill. This skill can really help you in many aspects of your life. Once you have gained that status people will really seek to listen to you or they will know that it is you who will speak.


Personal financial discipline

This requires some dedication and discipline. Should you spend more than you earn? Eventually you may end up penniless. Creating or accumulating the habit of saving for future is a necessary skill for the betterment of life. Even If you are jobless or are job-seeking you can in cubit the sense of saving along with your job hunt.

You need to have as strict plan, try Investing for a long term



Savings and Investments both go hand in hand. This particular skill requires of identifying where to invest your money and when. It will take some time but eventually you will get there. And trust me this will pay off. Take some time to explore the net for some ideas and resources.


Foreign Languages

In this world where information is available in a click, learning an additional language does not create a difficult border. Learning another language is a skill and it can pay off any time in your life. Choose one of the most popular languages and earn ten words a day and their usage. You can learn as well as amaze your friends.


Web/ Mobile Development

Okay, earlier this was really difficult. But now a day everything has become drag and drop. This is an interesting hobby that can fetch you money. You can try to learn this in your free time and may be getting some freelancing contracts. If you are thinking of sending money and hiring a developer for your own work, why don’t you learn it do it?


Fast reading skill

Reading can be a long process. Well if you love reading you can develop a fast reading skill that will save you time and give room to more books in your life.



A happy mind can create better things. Mediation leads to calmness and eventually to a happy state of mind. This will enhance your performance both in our career and in your personal life. So why not try this and spread the joy of it to others too.

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