What Jadav Molai Payeng Did Will Shock You

Man who made a forest

The forest, called the Molai woods, is a safe haven for numerous birds, deer, rhinos, tigers and elephants — species increasingly at risk from habitat loss. (Photo: PhBasumata/flickr)

What This Man Did Will Shock You

In a world where people are after furniture made of exotic trees, what this man did single handily will shock and inspire you. This is something to teach our future generations.  We are now facing the dangers of deforestation. This causes famines and landslides to the extinctions several water bodies and animal life. In the future our children may not see the world like we saw it. The world as we know it might become few pictures from the past. We need to make the change. In order to change the world we need to change first.

Meet Jadav ‘Molai’ Payeng who created 1360 acres of forest now called the Molai forest single handily. We could all learn few things from this great man of Assam, India.

30 years ago

Saddened by the sight of dead reptiles due to deforestation a teenager started planting bamboo in an area that had been washed away by territorial floods. After 30 year that are now is known as the Molai forest which is almost 1360 acres planted single handily by then teenager Jadav.

That forest is now home to Bengal tigers, Indian rhinoceros, over 100 deer and rabbits besides apes and several varieties of birds, including a large number of vultures. There are thousands of trees that provide a cool canopy. Bamboo covers almost 300 hectares. A herd of 100 elephants visit the forest on regular intervals for breeding and giving birth to calves.

He was 16 when he observed the lack of migratory birds in the area due to the floods and this upset him. He did not understand why, but over a period he learned the importance of a natural eco system and vowed his life to rebuild the system.

With the help and permission of the forest department he started planting seeds in the washed away basin. Watering the growing area of plants posed a problem. He could not draw water from the river and water all the growing plants, as the area proved to be vast for one man.

He built a bamboo platform on the top of each sapling and placed earthen pots with small holes in them. The water would gradually drip on the plants below and water them through the week until the pots were drained of water.

He was recognized for his achievements by the Indian government and is now a social media celebrity. But what he did was something beyond that. He taught us the value of Mother Nature.

Let us follow the deeds of this man in our own ways.

Let us start planting trees. Let us take some dry seeds where ever we go. Let us throw those seeds when we locate a barren land. Let us and let our children breathe some fresh air, drink fresh water. Let us make this world the way God made it, Ideal and appropriate for life.

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