5 Best and Humble Leaders Ever To Lead Us

5 Best and Humble Leaders Ever To Lead Us

Thorough history leaders inspired us to perform our best. Some leaders pervert the very substance of this word. We have many examples like that today. In the beginning leaders were there to lead us; they walk in front of us unlike today’s leaders who stay behind and give orders. They use their power to grow their own bank balances and to keep people under submissive control. But there were exemptions

Here we walk you through 5 most humble leaders ever whom we can call them real leaders.


Sushil Koirala – Prime Minister, Nepal

5 Best and Humble Leaders Ever To Lead Us

His term may be short lived, but he was widely lauded for his humble living and his efforts for the betterment of the country. During his term his most expensive assets were three cell phones. Before moving to the Official residence he lived in a small rental house in Kathmandu. He was reported to stay with his brother when he visited the city rather than staying at a hotel.


Joyce Banda, President, Malawi

5 Best and Humble Leaders Ever To Lead Us

After being elected president she sold off the presidential jet and 60 Mercedes Limos in an effort to bring the then struggling country up the curve. She said she didn’t mind flying commercial and the money from selling the jet was used to feed more than 1 million people.

The world could use few leaders like Joyce


Narendra Modi – Prime Minister, India

5 Best and Humble Leaders Ever To Lead Us

He started his living by selling tea at the railway station. While on his political growth he used to leave his seat in the train to women and children and slept on the floor. He washes his linen and does most of the chores by himself. Even after becoming the Prime Minister of India, he follows a simple lifestyle and a pure vegetarian diet.

He is the one man after 60 years of independence that pushed India to greater heights


Jose’ Mujica – President of Uruguay

5 Best and Humble Leaders Ever To Lead Us

José Mujica, the Uruguayan president, at his house in Montevideo. Photograph: MARIO GOLDMAN/AFP/Getty Images

José Mujica, President of Uruguay, made the headlines last year for his humble lifestyle, offering a stark contrast to the lavish lives of many modern day politicians. He encourages others to adapt a simple lifestyle and it is not very well taken by his counterparts.


Jesus Christ

The Leader of all Leaders Jesus Christ

He is the leader of all leaders. No one ever and ever will touch lives like this man did. He has the most number of followers in the world even after 2000 years. His name is known by all from all corners of the world. He is the only one the world awaits to come back as soon as possible to lead. Who else will take all the burden of people and pay the price for it?


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