5 Foods You Should Never Eat

5 Foods You Should Never Eat

Food is the element for life. Eat healthy food and you will stay healthy. But these times are so perverted that we have no other choice other than rely a supermarket. But is it healthy? For what we use for comfort ability and to save time are killers.

Here are five foods or supplements you should never use


Artificial Sweeteners

5 Foods You Should Never Eat

Sugar is fine in small dosages but artificial sugars are not fine.  It does not substitute the real sugar and it is way too sweet that it will adjust your taste buds and your brain so that you will have more craving for sugar. It all melts down to multi billion dollar business.



5 Foods You Should Never Eat

It is not a healthy alternative for butter. It is a den of Trans fats which will increase your cholesterol. We tend to eat it more because we have been told by the media that it is healthy. You are eating more calories than you require. Your body slowly stops fighting back the fat deposits and obesity kicks in.


Soy protein Isolate

5 Foods You Should Never Eat

Soy itself in a small dosage is not bad, but this is not the case of soy isolate often produced by genetically modifying process. It is so filled with estrogen which creates man boobs in men. Research indicates that there is an increase in cancer especially in women who consumes this weird food. Try whole nuts, chickpeas, nuts and seeds instead of this lab created crap.


Diet Foods

5 Foods You Should Never Eat

This crap is so hormone filled that it mutates your genes so much. It masquerades the supermarket shelves as the good ones. Do not believe their awesome labels and words like, Diet food, Healthy, natural and organic. They are filled with something called fillers that will harm your body. Do not fall for it. Diet and make believe well being foods are multi-billion dollar industry.


Frozen Foods

5 Foods You Should Never Eat

Do you think this is fresh, food left alone for few hours are the birth place of bad bacteria no matter even it is frozen in liquid nitrogen. It is so filled with hormones and preservatives that it will stay like that till Armageddon.  But it is time saving rite? Okay kids, come on dinner will be ready in 5 minutes. Bull Crap it is. You are feeding your family to death.


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