Top 5 Best Smart Phones till Now

Top 5 Best Smart Phones till Now

Cell phones had evolved into smart phones and there is almost nothing you cannot do with your smart phone. It has come to a point that we do not control it anymore. Here at Good Vibes we examine the smart phones and give you the top 5 best smart phones till now.

This is based on the informative and user friendliness of the phones. We are not getting into technical specifications.


OnePlus 3T

This all metal smart phone is a true all rounder. It offers the best price- to- performance ratio among the latest android phones. By design it looks like a distant cousin of HTC 1 but it has its own looks and features. It has 6 GB Internal storage plus a neat 16 MP camera. But the battery life is not that great.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

This features the whole metal and glass design. It is water proof and offers an updated specification sheet. The screen size has been increased to 5.5 from 5.1 inches. The 12 MP dual cameras shoot amazingly clear pictures even in low light. All this combined with the technical specs makes this smart phone a sure buy.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

This is for those people to whom size does matter. This is an extremely powerful smart phone with a big screen of 6.2 inches. This is the most ergonomic big screen phone available in the market today. This is a sure buy if you like big screen phones.


Apple I phone 7

Okay, no need to tell you much about Apple. It is a brand more than a phone. May be you can call it as a status symbol. But as far as phones and freedom of information aspects we cannot give Apple the number one position here. It is closed system which takes pride in itself. Users have to go through specific locations and applications exclusively designed for Apple. It does not allow the real freedom.

On an user friendly base- Not that much


Google Pixel XL

We think this is the right smart phone for the smart people. After partnering with multiple vendors Google finally decided to come up with their own phone. From software to design everything is done by Google. Its camera can stand against all the other phone cameras. After all we are considering the phone from the top information giver on the planet; provide all the useful apps are made by them. With the periodical updates from Google this is one phone that smart people should have with them.


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