Top 5 Worst Singers Ever To Sing

Top 5 Worst Singers Ever

There is an old saying that music is life in itself. There is no question that music can change the way of life and our thought process. This world has seen some excellent musicians and singers. But the recent days has shown us that anyone can sing with a little push from their sugar daddies and most importantly you really do not require any talent. All you need is to be a slave to an agenda and there you are – a celebrity.

Here are the top 5 worst singers out of many we have to put up with. I am not talking about the rappers, because we think that it is not music.



She cannot sing and dance either. Here shows are pure visual extravaganza and satanic occult imagery. If hell needs a soprano that would be Rihanna. Time and again she is known to rape and destroy well sung songs by real talented artists. Check this out if you want to hear for yourself.

Check out the ‘Phantom of the Opera’ hit – “Learn to be Lonely” by ‘Minnie driver’ and Rihanna. You be the judge


Britney Spears

Who said dancing is singing? Yes this cat can dance and put up a ritualistic show but please do not tell me she can sing. With absolutely no octaves or not even a sweet voice she sounds like a whaling banshee from the horror vault. Enough to shoot yourself if you really have a thing called sense of music.

Get another job Britney.



This horrific creature from the crypts has to be locked up for singing. She hides her so called singing talent under the extreme sexually perverted satanic ritual shows on stage. When there is so much to see, the dumps that go to her show is dumbfounded to listen to what this horrendous which is singing. I wonder when her dad, Satan will call her back home. On other hand, why would he? His exists to torture mankind.

Listen to some good music first, Madonna.


Katy Perry

Oh, come on. Katy Perry, a singer. That is a good one. Her whisper like shrieks gives us the chills. Her voice can be used to shoo away vultures on dead carcasses. Again it is all show off, music videos with subliminal messages and explicit contents. I dont know WTF she sings about anyways. Seriously she does not have a single reason to be a singer…Phew

She could be a rock band groupie, that is the best and near to a music scene she is worthy of.

Notable Mentions

  • Yoko Uno
  • Miley Cyrus – Another blood bathing crack
  • Selena Gomez- hahaha
  • Jennifer Lopez – Find your own lyrics
  • Bob Dylan
  • Jim Morrison
  • Beyonce
  • Lady Gaga
  • Nicky Minaj
  • Paris Hilton – Seriously, Singing? She can do better things with that mouth.
  • Michael Bolton – Dude, Stop screaming songs

And many more….


Justin Beiber

I do not know where to start on this freak of nature. He should never be let out in public. I have no idea how this twisted fucked up washed up boxer shorts ever came near to a microphone. But you know the scene now. Anyone can sing. If a person asshole can sing it would definitely sound like this freak. Seriously dude, spitting on your fans? May be they deserve it for being your fans. How dumb some people can be?

He should be arrested for spitting on people, but hey if they do not arrest him for singing they probably will not for this either.

Dude you need to find an honest job like picking cherries or changing tires. Stop torturing the world. Just fade away and that would be a great favor.

People, we need to revamp ourselves and identify the real talents and we need to implant back our senses of music.

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