17 Facts about the Divine Prostitutes of India

17 Facts about the Divine Prostitutes of India

Divine Prostitutes of India

Devadasi means female servant of God. Although this practice has been banned by law it is still practices in the fundamental and orthodox cultures in several parts of India. Historian has no idea as when this practice began but in deep rooted spiritual areas of India it is still considered as an honor. Is it hard to believe?

Here are 17 Facts about the Divine Prostitutes of India


Facts about the Divine Prostitutes of India

Picture Courtesy : India times

The word Devadasi means female servant of God. It is a tradition that dates back to ancient India. They are also called by the name ‘jogini’


Facts about the Divine Prostitutes of India

Picture Courtesy : India times

Historians dictates Devadasis were Buddhist nuns turned into prostitutes at the fall of Buddhism at the hands of traditional Brahmins of India. The Brahmins captured their shrines and turned them into Devadasis. But there are some disputes still about the authenticity of this information.


Facts about the Divine Prostitutes of India

Picture Courtesy : India times

The Devadasi system was set into being by the feudal priests who had the idea of prostitution under the umbrella of divinity, so that their action can be justified as a divine nature.


At that era, people had always wanted boy children; girl children were not preferred. Poor people sold of girl children to this feudal system to be initiated as Devadasi. After the initiation they became full fledged prostitutes.  Sadly in many parts of India and China still a girl child is considered inferior to a Boy child.


The Devadasi tradition is a part of Phallic (male genital) worship that exited in India and still in existence. It is believed that the system came into existence as an alternative ritual to human sacrifice.


During the reign of King Raja Raya III, the word ‘emperumandiyar’ is used to describe the dancing girls of God.


This feudal system gave the upper class to further exploit the lower cast girls and justify their sexual perversion act in a free and acceptable manner.


Earlier beautiful Devadasi girls were take care well by their rich patrons who provided them with good homes, jewels and luxury. But that system is long gone now. Today this system is used by parents who want to get rid of their unwanted girl children.


Customs similar to Devadsi still persists in many parts of India. However Devadasi system is more prevalent in south India especially in the rural areas of Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.


The system works in the following way.

  • A girl child is offered to the temple – To God that is their explanation
  • She is then married to the deity
  • They are left to live there until puberty
  • Finally sold off to the highest bidder once they start to menstruate


Once they are married to the deity, no mortal men are allowed to marry her. They have to live a life of service till the end.


If any of the girls become pregnant during their divine prostitution life, they are sold off to pimps from red light areas. This process ensures a pure breed of Devadasis all the time.


Once they are older and no longer preferred by patrons, they are given the name ‘jogathis’ and acts as intermediaries between God and men.


The practice is banned by the Indian law but is kept alive secretly. Often priests are paid to come home and perform this dirty ritual.


A goddess of fertility called ‘Yellamma’ is one of the prominent deities these girls are devoted to, sometimes as young as 4 years old.


Yellammma goddesses’ devotes has to appear in front of her in nude or covered with small rags or neem leaves. Usually there is a crowd of perverts gathered there to have a good look at these nude people.


The devotees have protested against the government to lift the ban of this practice of Devadasi. They devotees see this as a social service and blessing not prostitution. Now the full nudity of the devotees has been banned by the Narendra Modi government.

These are the 17 Facts about the Divine Prostitutes of India; we at good vibes highly condemn this practice of exploiting young girls in the name of religion and perverseness of the orthodox feudal people. We urge the world to join hands and speak against these practices.


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