6 Awesome Facts about the Planet Saturn

6 Awesome Facts about the Planet Saturn

6 Facts about the Planet Saturn

Out of all the planets there is no other mysterious planet like Saturn. People from the ages were fascinated by this planet. But other than scientific facts certain cults and sectors believe Saturn has some other qualities which may not be digested by a rational mind.

Here we explore some facts, both scientific and supernatural facts about the Planet Saturn



It is the second largest planet in our solar system, after Jupiter and nine times larger than our Earth.


Origin of the Name

The name was derived from the name of the Roman god of Agriculture which means God’s sickle. Some Satanist occult cults disagree. They state that the name was derived in honor of Satan aka Devil



In ancient days Saturn was the only distant planet that could be seen with naked eye. It eventually became a center of attraction for various cults and mythologies.


Big thing in Occultist and Satan worshipers

According to these groups Saturn is the home of the devil and his fellow fallen angels. If you could watch closely there is a black cube on the axis of Saturn. Rituals and human sacrifice takes place according to the spins and alignment of Saturn and the Sun. Some conspiracy theorists relate Saturn worship to the Illuminati.

Saturn = Satan


Interior Composition

According to science Saturn’s interiors are constructed by core iron, nickel and rock surrounded by a deep layer of metallic hydrogen, an intermediate layer of liquid hydrogen and liquid helium and an outer gaseous layer. However these are not scientifically proven and stands as mere theories. Scientists assume this based on the color change of the gases they see when looked through the telescope.



Saturn’s ring is composed mainly by ice particles along with dust and rock debris. It has nine distinct rings and no one knows how it formed and what keeps it going. Now and then certain anomalies have been found in these rings but explanations carry no proofs.

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