5 Ways to Make Your Life Simpler

5 Ways to Make Your Life Simpler

God created man as a simpler creature, complications are man’s own creation. Our time is not in our hands, we are bound by the rules and regulations we have created. The creation has taken over the creators. It is pure chaos. Look into the mirror and tell me what you see? We see a complicated, stressed and tiered organism looking back at us. Is there a smile on its face?


We have locked ourselves in the vault of time. Time is not enough, but what about life? Is it enough? Tell me something, is it really worth the rush. Life is a short span between two breaths; the first and the last. Look back right now, and tell me where have the years gone? Do you think it all went away too fast? Is there a child in you who still want to play with the toys you have cherished long time ago?

In this fast world, everything is available in the World Wide Web. I wanted to make my life simpler. So I looked it up. All I got was a list of things to manage my time, which goes like…

Switch off your phone,

Plan your day,

Write Journal…..

Blah, blah, blah…

Is it all about it? Just managing time?

What about my life? How do I manage it?

I think I may have the answer to that question now. Here is what I think 5 great ways to make our lives simpler. Trust me, now I really know what you mean by life. It is not complicated. It is great. We just need to see and experience what we are supposed to.


Get a Dog, Experience Pure Love

5 Ways to Make Your Life SimplerLove is the greatest thing in the world you can have, but is there something called pure love? Well, I am still keeping my faith, but I am not going to wait for it or take any chances. Love is regardless species. If you want someone to miss you genuinely and wait eagerly for you to be back home, do not wait anymore; get a Dog.

Provide and take care of it, play with it, understand it and it will convey its love for you and that is something you can have it every day without fail, it does not care if you are rich or poor, able or disabled, for it, you are the world.


Travel to the country side, alone

5 Ways to Make Your Life Simpler

Take a week off, Pack the basic stuff of things and travel to a country side, alone. Try a friend’s a cabin or a country side inn. Those who have a country side space can try that. Go fishing, Have country liquor, Try country fowl barbecue.

Try to avoid the usage of smart phone and internet to the maximum, I know it is hard. You can keep some time off your day fir work related stuff, if it is too unavoidable. But socializing, avoid it for a week. You have come here to socialize and get familiar with the real you. Not the phony socializing nut case.

Set a bon-fire, go naked, cherish the time alone. Meditate; listen to the sound of the night. Live the way you want to live. Be like a Neanderthal for a week. The plan here is to have no plan at all.

Do not listen to the ‘organize your time’ crap.


Now that you are back to city, plant a garden or get some flower pots

5 Ways to Make Your Life Simpler

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Set the flowers in the balcony or if you are living in the suburbs you can have a full fledged garden. Take some time to plant the seeds yourself. Every morning check how they are doing. I prefer lilies and I like to be with them in the morning mist. It is so beautiful that none of the man made things put together will match its beauty.

It will make you start the day with freshness and a clear head. When you are stressed, think about the simple flower with all its beauty and complexity. No man has ever been able to create one single cell, which is more complex than a space shuttle. There are bigger things out there longing for your attention and appreciation.


Buy a small telescope, enjoy the night sky

5 Ways to Make Your Life Simpler

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To understand the place of humanity in this universe you need to understand and try to fathom the grandeur of the universe itself. We are a tiny part of this great cosmos, yet we have made our lives more complex than the universe itself.

Look at the night sky, think deep. Slowly a respectful fear will crawl into your hearts. That means you are still a human being and can appreciate the wonders of life. It is not too late. Appreciate the grand design of our planet. Do you know that earth is strategically and mathematically placed outside the spiral of the galaxy, so that man can look directly into the universe? If we were placed inside the spirals we will not see the galaxies and the starts because of the spiral cloud and the space dust.

Know that, there is some one watching you over and protecting you. So why worry too much. Appreciate the simple things of life. When you do that the simple things will amaze you with all the complexness of its creation, and you will understand how well you are placed, a smile of a friend, the chirp of a bird, the fragrance of the flower etc.


Eat, Love and Pray – Give Thanks

5 Ways to Make Your Life SimplerEat good food, whenever you want, but take care of your body. Do not eat these supermarket shit, they are all genetically modified to kill you. Try organic. Spread love around, Do an act called RAK (Random act of Kindness), Put up a bird feeder in your garden. Things will happen for you.

Finally, Give thanks – I don’t care you are an atheist or a church goer or some crap like that. But just give thanks. You did not make you; you were made without your knowledge or consent. Give thanks for your life this day and open your eyes next morning appreciating your life.


So there you go, now you know what is really important in your life. Sometimes you need to give importance to yourself too, otherwise how can we give importance and appreciate others and their lives.


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