Did you know that you are made of Stardust

Did you know that you are made of Stardust

Did you know that you are made of Stardust

The Elements That Make Up Our Bodies Were Forged Inside Ancient Stars. The Human body is made of elements which are found in earth and in the space. Does that mean we are stardust or a creation of a creator who used the same elements for life to exit in harmony with these elements?

You decide

Here are the percentage and elements that we are made of:

65% Oxygen – O

Oxygen makes up over half of our body weight. It is one of the key components of water, and is one of the three essential elements needed to make biological molecules like fat and protein.

1.5% Calcium – Ca

Calcium is found in bones and teeth, and also plays an important role in signaling between cells, in muscle and nerve function, and in blood clotting.

3.2% Nitrogen – N

Oxygen, carbon and hydrogen make up the core of all biological molecules, but lots of other elements are used in smaller amounts. Nitrogen is found in both DNA and protein.

0.2% Sulphur – S

Sulphur is found in some of the building blocks of protein. It can make strong bonds to other sulphur atoms, helping to fix proteins into their 3D shapes.

0.2% Sodium – Na

Sodium is another electrolyte that carries charge inside the body. Along with potassium and calcium, it is one of the key elements responsible for normal nerve and muscle function.

0.4% Potassium – K

Potassium ions are found dissolved inside cells and in body fluids. They carry an electric charge, and are used by nerve cells and muscle cells in the transmission of electrical impulses.

1.1% Phosphorus – P

Phosphorus, like calcium, helps to provide strength to bones and teeth. It is also involved in energy use, and is a vital component in DNA, helping to hold the whole structure together.

9.5% Hydrogen – H

Hydrogen is the third element found in all biological molecules. There are actually more hydrogen atoms in the body than carbon or oxygen, but they are much lighter.

18.5% Carbon – C

Carbon can make four bonds to other elements, making it the perfect scaffolding for building large, complex molecules. It is an essential component of fats, proteins, sugars and DNA.


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